Advent Card Set


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Advent Card Set
Advent Card Set
Advent Card Set
Advent Card Set

Count down to Christmas with this delightful collection of 30 advent cards from My Daughter Florence that encourage family and the Christmas spirit. A lovely variety of cards to select to use for your wee bees and family each season in order you choose. 

These sturdy and soft to the touch coated cards are thoughtfully designed to use on their own...or paired with other advent prizes and trinkets and can be reused from season to season. Five repeating solid colors are on the front of the card with a common back color way. They fit perfectly inside the pockets of our hanging modern advent calendar or can be used with advent calendars/displays of your own.

This set includes 30 cards with the following prompts/text:

  1. Make Christmas decorations
  2. Build a snowman
  3. Go to a Christmas parade
  4. Visit nativity display
  5. Christmas crafts
  6. Write a letter to a member of the military
  7. FaceTime a relative that lives far away
  8. Picnic by the Christmas tree
  9. Write the words to your own Christmas carol
  10. Try a new Christmas recipe
  11. Go on a bike ride or walk around neighborhood with Santa hats on
  12. Open gifts! Celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ
  13. Drive around to see Christmas lights
  14. Read a Christmas book
  15. Watch a Christmas movie
  16. Letter to Santa
  17. Nice note for mailman and/or neighbor
  18. Select someone in need for secret Santa
  19. Make gingerbread houses
  20. Decorate Christmas tree
  21. Watch the Nutcracker ballet
  22. Open Christmas pajamas 
  23. Decorate and deliver cookies 
  24. Go ice skating
  25. Snowball fight
  26. Learn about how other cultures celebrate the holiday season
  27. Go caroling
  28. Hot cocoa night
  29. Read Christmas story in Bible Luke 2
  30. Make a meal for someone

Advent cards come inside a Wee Bee Box reusable drawstring storage pouch. 

Advent Card Set
Advent Card Set
Advent Card Set
Advent Card Set

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